Write Your Book!



Give and Receive Feedback

Non-Fiction Books

Any Level • 1 Year

Write a book that giving your expertise. Help others in a way that only you can provide.

Your Memoir

Any Level • 1 Year

Share your life experiences that changed you. Encourage others, show your failures and overcoming accomplishments, and give guidance in the way only a true lived experience can communicate.

Step by Step Weekly Progress. Celebrate Milestones.

Each week, you’ll have an achievable task with detailed instructions, examples, and a concrete accomplishment. There are also milestones for definining your scope, organizing a Table of Contents, finishing your first and second drafts, incorporating feedback, and finishing your book.

Included With Every Class

Detailed intruction

There’s nothing cookie-cutter here! Go through the process that teaches you how to express yourself in an engaging, meaningful fashion while enjoying the process.

Proceed At Your Own Pace

Courses are designed to consistently proceed week by week. You can go faster or slower, though, as you proceed through a course, easily jumping to the next lesson or re-engaging after spending longer on a lesson.

Writing Accomplishments

An end goal for every week means you can see your process and accomplishments. You’ll not only think through what you want to achieve, you’ll see the real end result.

New Monthly Content

New blog posts and content are constantly being added to give extra information not specific to lessons. There’s always something fresh!

Mobile Accessibility

Courses are available on desktop or your mobile device.

Writing Community

Join the discussion forum and post your questions, read and respond to other students, and encourage others while they do the same for you. You’re not alone!

Receive Feedback on Your Excerpts

Submit an excerpt from your book to receive detailed feedback on what reads well and places where improvements can be made.

Special Milestones

There are checkpoints along the way for major accomplishments, such as completing the Table of Contents and First Draft.

Give Feedback for Other Writers' Excerpts

You can encourage and help others by providing detailed feedback on their excerpts. There’s nothing better for a writer than to hear feedback from their peers.

All Access with Membership

All Access Pass

All Access Pass

All courses, discussion forums, emails, blog posts, and other tools are available with the monthly subscription.